The November Void Report - Into The Void Podcast

December 10, 2018

I detta första avsnitt av Into The Void Podcast på svenska pratar vi om kommande intervjuer och spelningar vi nyligen varit på. Skivtipsen denna gång avhandlar Obliteration, Cult Leader, Holy Grove, Shallow Grave, Craneium, Full Tone Generator, Mindforce, Bitch Hawk, Megaton Leviathan och Evoken. Alla låter i sin helhet hittar du här:


Craneium - Into The Void Podcast

December 10, 2018

Finlands prime fuzzers Craneium is back with a new album called "The narrow line" (Ripple Music) and we talked to them about being in strange places, how to argue with each other and about being grumpy. 


Bloodbath - Into The Void Podcast

December 7, 2018

Nick Holmes from Bloodbath is the guest in this episode talking about puking, herring and death metal. 


Snapcase - Into The Void Podcast

December 3, 2018

Daryl from Snapcase and Vault visits the podcast for ain depth talk about growing up with hardcore music, memories from touring, the new band Vault amongother things. Get the self titled first release from Vault here:  


Gama Bomb - Into The Void Podcast

November 30, 2018

Joe from Irish thrashers Gama Bomb is the guest on this episode of the podcast talking about influences, song writing and much more. The new album "Speed between the lines" is out now! 


Faith No More - Into The Void Podcast

November 26, 2018

We have author Adrian Harte as guest on the podcast. He has written the ultimate biography on Faith No More based on interviews with the band telling the complete story of the band from the start up until now. The book is called "Small victories" and is out now everywhere. 


Abramis Brama - Into The Void Podcast

November 23, 2018

We make a visit to Swedish progrock heroes Abramis Brama in the studio to talk about the bands history and future and how to write great rock music.



Hate Eternal - Into The Void Podcast

November 19, 2018

Eric Rutan is an living legend in the extreme metal scene. His work in bands like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and of course Hate Eternal. He also recorded and produced tons of heavy albums with other bands. This is an in depth career spanning talk about that and loads of other stuff. 


Magmakammer - Into The Void Podcast

November 16, 2018

Straight outta Norway Magmakammer is roaring onto the heavy underground scene taking listeners and reviewers with storm. And now this eruption of riffs are visiting the podcast. 


Opeth - Into The Void Podcast

November 12, 2018

Always in progress Opeth strive to expand it's musical universe on every record. From the past days of death to the present progressive metal. Now Opeth has documented this journey with an live album called "Garden of the titans" and guitarist Fredrik Åkesson is the guest in this episode to tell the tale of Opeth.  


Holy Grove - Into The Void Podcast

November 9, 2018

Andrea and Gregg from Portlands Holy Grove joins Magnus in this episode to talk about the new album "II" (Ripple Music), meeting heroes, getting a new drummer and also to give you some advice on what to do when visiting Portland. 


The Void Report October 2018 - Into The Void Podcast

November 6, 2018

Magnus and Svempa talks about ten albums that made an impact in October. Music by King Buffalo, High On Fire, Voldet, Domkraft, We Hunt Buffalo, Alastor, A Storm Of Light, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Iron Reagan and Bloodbath. 


We Hunt Buffalo - Into The Void Podcast

November 5, 2018

Our good friend Ryan Forsythe from We Hunt Buffalo is the guest in this episode giving us the story of the new album "Head smashed in" (Fuzzorama) and more. 


Sick Of It All - Into The Void Podcast

November 2, 2018

Queen's hardcore legends Sick Of It All have a brand new spanking album out on Century Media Records called "Wake the sleeping dragon" and vocalist Lou Koller is the guest in this episode to tell the tale of Sick Of It All. 


Conan - Into The Void Podcast

October 29, 2018

We hang out with Jon Davis of Conan backstage at the gig in Stockholm recently to talk about touring, playing with old heroes, why Conan never can be a grindcore band and much more. 


Churchburn - Into The Void Podcast

October 26, 2018

Churchburn is the musical collaboration between two of the undergrounds masters of misery. Dave Suzuki, best known for his mesmerizing guitar work and brutal drumming in Vital Remains and Ray McCaffrey, who carved out sonic drum patterns for Sin Of Angels and Grief. And now they are our distinguished guests on the podcast. Get the latest album "None Shall Live​.​.​. The Hymns of Misery" here:


Alastor - Into The Void Podcast

October 22, 2018

One of the best releases of 2018 will be "Slave to the grave" by Swedish heavy underground heroes Alastor. In this in depth interview you get to know about the agony of choosing bandname, songwriting and why you should listen to Roxette. Get "Slave to the grave" released by the mighty Riding Easy Records at


Lurk - Into The Void Podcast

October 19, 2018

They describe their musicas doom, death and sludgy black surge and we agree on that. Meet Lurk in this episode of the podcast you can trust to alway bring you the best music from the heavy underground. Get Lurks new album "Fringe" here:


Runemagick - Into The Void Podcast

October 15, 2018

Doom/death legends Runemagick has returned and Nicklas Rudolfsson visits the podcast to talk about it. Get the new album "Evoked from abysmal sleep" here: 


Josh Graham - Into The Void Podcast

October 12, 2018

Josh Graham is a musician and visual artist with a long history in the heavy underground and beyond. He has done art for Neurosis, Isis and other bands and is running his long time project A Storm Of Light. In this episode Josh talks about the creative process, writing music, doing art for small and big bands and much more. Get the new A Storm Of Light album "Anthroscene" at